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Welcome to NXT Marvel Corp / WWE Marvel Pro Wrestling!

NXT Marvel Corp Wrestling Assoication is a Universe created within WWE2k20, a game that I host on Twitch for the XBOX One.Twitch Channel Location is superlizzard101, but will be moving to nxtmarvel

This website is meant to keep viewers up-to-date on wrestling events and broadcasts as well as the results and details of matches on the program. There are two shows, NXT Marvel Corp being the parent show and WWE Marvel Pro Wrestling being the sister show.

Standings updated 8-22-2020. You can check out the News link on the menu above to read about specific matches and events in the association.
Women wrestlers are on the WWE Marvel Pro Show.                Champions updated Sept 6th, 2020

  Wrestling Videos

VIDEO 1: Batman Vs. The Hulk
North American Title Match
From Summer Slam 2020
VIDEO 2: Thanos and Red Skull Vs
Juggernaut and The Apex

Previous Nontitle Match
VIDEO 3: Nightwing and Snake Eyes
Tagteam Rematch against Bane and Darth Maul
Previous Nontitle Match

VIDEO 4: Moon Knight Vs. Iron Patriot
from Jan 2020
VIDEO 5: Killer Croc and The Hulk Vs
The Amazon and Warpath

from July 2019
Video 6: Bayley Vs. Omega Star
- Nontitle from Jan 2020
Current NXT Champions:
NXT NA Champion NXT World Champion NXT Ironman Champion
BatmanThe Hulk The Hulk
Current NXT Tag Team Champions:
NXT World Tag Team Champions
Killer Croc The Hulk
Current WWE Champions:
WWE UK Champion WWE World Champion WWE Intercontinental Champion MITB WWE World
Darth Maul Snake Eyes Moon Knight Snake Eyes
Current WWE Tag Team Champions:Current WWE Womens Champion:
WWE World Tag Team ChampionsWWE Womens World Champion
Rhonda Rousey
WWE Womens World Tag Team Champions
Sasha Banks Bayley

CURRENT NXT NEWS:The Hulk and Kiler Croc got their NXT World Tag Team Titles back from Sting and Samoa Joe.
Updated 4-25-2020

Ghost Rider won the 2020 Easter Battle Bowl, check our Twitch page for the matches... It was SPECTACULAR !
New NXT World Champion!!! Killer Croc gets his NXT World Championship belt back from Quan Chi, as he defeated him in the last program in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match becoming a 2-Time NXT World Champion !!!

The Hulk after his non-title victory over Dragon Ninja defeated the NXT North American Champion achieving more than one title once again, being one-half of the NXT World Tag Team Champions with Killer Croc. Hulk continue to make his way into the top 10
Will he end up facing his partner, Killer Croc?

Sting and Samoa Joe score a supreme victory over Nemesis Gold and Timestone foiling there rematch opportunity with Hulk and Killer Croc. Now Sting and Samoa Joe will get a shot at the NXT World Tag Team Titles!!!

Wolverine and Collossus move on up the tag team ranks in the NXT Marvel Corp scoring a major victory over Winter Soldier and Shadow Reaper who were upset about the Triple Threat Tag Team Match at Extreme Rules. The Xmen's team proved themselves and are gunning for Killer Croc and The Hulk.

Past UPDATE !! Darkseid has suffered severe injuries at the hand of Daredevil in a grueling ironman match !
Due to a forefeit from Darkseid the title has been given to Daredevil since he beat him nontitle, and Darkseid
was unable to continue for over a month due to the serious nature of the injury

Daredevil has already showed himself strong defeating Batman in his first Ironman match since acquiring the title.
In other news ! We just had a draft shake up for 2020. Lots of changes. More info to come...

* Darkseid has taken the Ironman Championship from The Hulk.
It was a very close match but in the final minutes, Darkseid managed to get a victorious pinfall

News from 7-24-2019

* The Amazon and Warpath join the The Outlaws: (Outlaw and Paladin) changing there name to The War Pack.

* In a shocking result, The Amazon's debut match with Warpath as a partner against Killer Croc and The Hulk resulted in a victory over The Authority which will give them a shot at the:
NXT World Tag Team titles! The Amazon has vowed to take everything from The Hulk starting with his tag team title...

* Shinsuke Nakimura has broken ties with Hideo Itami and turned to the good side after being assaulted by Stormshadow backstage!

* Black Adam defeats Cyborg Superman, pushing him out of the No. 1 Contenders Spot for the NXT World Title.


In a shocking match, Iron Patriot counts out The Punisher to give him and Captain America the victory!!!

* Also Killer Croc has finally defeated the undefeatable Darkseid and hopefully ended his reign of terror, but a rematch will take place...

* After defeating Daredevil, Cyborg Superman advances into the No. 1 Contender's spot for the NXT World Title and is hot on the trail of the newly crowned champion, Thor

Battle Bowl 2020 - Round 1 - Div. 1
Kane - LVS.Dragon Lee - W
Carnage (WWE)Nova (NXT)
Match Result: D. Lee pins Kane, Nova pins Carnage
Moon Knight - WVS.Thanos - L
Darkseid (WWE)Red Skull (WWE)
Match Result: Moon Knight pins Red Skull and Thanos
Timestone - WVS.Spiderman - L
Spawn (NXT)Green Goblin (NXT)
Match Result: Timestone pins Spiderman, Spawn pins Green Goblin
Shinsuke Nakimura - WVS.Dolph Ziggler - L
Aleister Black (NXT)Lars Sullivan (WWE)
Match Result: Nakimura pins Ziggler, A. Black pins Sullivan
Finn Balor - WVS.Titus Oneil - L
Deadpool (WWE)Domino (NXT)
Match Result: Deadpool pins Oneil and Domino
Iron Patriot - WVS.Kamala - L
Raiden (WWE)Gorilla Grodd (NXT)
Match Result: Iron Patriot pins Kamala and Grodd
Superman - WVS.Daniel Bryan - L
Shazzam (NXT)Randy Savage (WWE)
Match Result: Superman pins Savage and Bryan
Captain America (NXT) - LVS.Hawk - W
Batman (WWE)Ghostrider (WWE)
Match Result: Ghostrider submits The Captain and pins Batman
Battle Bowl 2020 - Round 1 - Div. 2
The Hulk - WVS.Beast - L
Killer Croc (NXT)Abdullah the Butcher (WWE)
Match Result:The Hulk submits Abdullah and pins Beast
Thor - LVS.Green Lantern - W
Randy Orton (NXT)Winter Soldier (NXT)
Match Result:R. Orton pins G. Lantern, G. Lantern pins Thor, Winter Soldier pins Orton
Sheamus - WVS.Seth Rollins - L
Roman Reigns (WWE)AJ Styles (NXT)
Match Result:Sheamus pins Rollins and AJ Styles
Boba Fett - WVS.Aquaman - L
Cyborg (WWE)The Prowler (NXT)
Match Result:Boba Fett pins The Prowler and Aquaman
Shelton Benjamin - WVS.Great Muta - L
Crossbones (WWE) - WDaredevil (NXT)
Match Result:Crossbones pins Muta and Daredevil
Andre the Giant - LVS.Red Ranger - W
Braun Strauman (WWE)Mil Mascaras (WWE)
Match Result:Red Ranger pins Strauman and Mascaras pins The Giant
Kevin Owens - LVS.Darth Nihulus- W
Keith Lee (WWE)Nemesis Gold (NXT)
Match Result:Darth Nihulus submits Keith Lee and pins Kevin Owens
Ironfist - WVS.Sami Zayne
The Punisher (WWE)Hulk Hogan (NXT)
Match Result:The Punisher pins Hogan and Zayne
Highlights of Round 1
Moon Knight and Darkseid defeat Thanos and Red Skull and earn a shot at WWE World Tag Team Titles
Timestone pins Spider and earns a shot at Ironman Championship
Battle Bowl 2020 - Round 2 Division 1
Hawk - WVS.Moon Knight - L
Ghostrider (WWE)Darkseid (WWE)
Match Result: Hawk pins Darkseid, Ghostrider pins Moonknight
Timestone - WVS.Superman - L
Spawn (NXT)Shazaam (NXT)
Match Result: Timestone pins Shazam, Spawn pins Superman
Dragon Lee - WVS.Finn Balor - L
Nova (NXT)Deadpool (WWE)
Match Result: Nova pins Finn Balor and Deadpool
Shinsuke Nakimura - WVS.Iron Patriot - L
Aleister Black (NXT)Raiden (WWE)
Match Result: Nakimura pins Raiden, A. Black pins Iron Patriot
Battle Bowl 2020 - Round 2 - Div. 2
Shelton Benjamin - LVS.Boba Fett - W
Crossbones (WWE)Cyborg (WWE)
Match Result:Boba Fett pins Shelton and Crossbones, Crossbones pins Cyborg
Green Lantern - WVS.Ironfist - L
Winter Soldier (NXT)The Punisher (WWE)
Match Result:Green Lantern pins The Punisher, W. Soldier pins Ironfist
Sheamus - WVS.Darth Nihulus - L
Roman Reigns (WWE)Nemesis Gold (NXT)
Match Result:R. Reigns pins Darth Nihulus and Nemesis Gold, Nemesis Gold pins Sheamus
The Hulk - WVS.Red Ranger - L
Killer Croc (NXT)Mil Mascaras (WWE)
Match Result:Killer Croc pins Mascaras and Ranger
Highlights of Round 2
Ghostrider pins Moonknight and earns a shot at WWE Intercontinental Title
Aleister Black pins Iron Patriot and earns a shot at WWE World Title

Boba Fett pins Crossbones and earns a shot at WWE UK Title

Battle Bowl 2020 - Round 3 - Div. 1 & 2
Timestone - WVS.Boba Fett - L
Spawn (NXT)Cyborg (WWE)
Match Result: Timestone pins Boba Fett, Spawn pins Cyborg
Dragon Lee - WVS.Shinsuke Nakimura - L
Nova (NXT)Aleister Black (NXT)
Match Result: Nova pins Nakimura and Black
Hawk - WVS.The Hulk - L
Ghostrider (WWE)Killer Croc (NXT)
Match Result: Hawk pins Killer Croc , Ghostrider pins The Hulk
Green LanternVS.Sheamus - L
Winter Soldier (NXT)Roman Reigns (WWE)
Match Result: Green Lantern pins Roman Reigns and Sheamus
Battle Bowl 2020 Final - Eightman Normal Match
Timestone (NXT)pins Green Lantern - pins Hawk - pins Nova
Dragon Lee(NXT)pins Winter Soldier
Green Lantern (NXT)pins Spawm - pins Timestone - pins Dragon Lee
Ghostrider - W
Winter Soldier
Highlights of Final
Ghostrider won the Battle Bowl 2020 !!!


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